Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Several Days in PocoSol

Coral Snake
 Brown four-eyed opossum

Kitchen view
Scinax tree frog

Mist-netting day and night

 Carollia sp.
 Artibeus jamaicensis

 Artibeus watsoni

Tawny-faced gnat-wren
White-breasted woodwren
Black-headed nightengale-thrush
Tawny-crowned greenlet

Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Curassow

New Rainforest Mammals

Lasiurus blossevillii (Western red bat)
Rhogeessa tumida (Black-winged little yellow bat)

Lophostoma brasiliense (Pygmy round-eared bat)
Artibeus lituratus (Great fruit-eating bat)

Pteronotus parnellii (Parnell’s mustached bat) 

Pteronotus davyi (Davy’s naked-backed bat)
Vampire bat
Eptesicus fuscus
Sturnira modax
Sturnira ludovici
Artibeus toltecus
Myotis keaysi
Myotis albescens

Reptiles in Palo Verde

 Boa constrictor
 American crocodile
Mexican parrot snake

Insect Attack

Thousands of Beetles attracted to the light
Raccoon coming to feast on the beetles